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Violinist Noe Inui ;about the appeal and value of Ysaye



★ヴァイオリニストNoe Inuiさんがイザイの魅力に

Noe Inuiさんは2013.11.6にベルギー王立図書館主催コンサートに於いて、イザイがヴァイオリンとピアノの2重奏に編曲したショパンのピアノ曲「バラード1番」(永田郁代校訂版)をピアニスト Vassilis Varvaresosと初演しました。
Violinist Noe Inui spoke with great passion about the appeal and value of Ysaye.
At a concert on 6th November 2013 hosted by Royal Library of Bergium , for the first time he performed Ysaye’s arrangement for violin and piano of Chopin’s Ballade No. 1, revised by Ikuyo Nagata with Pianist Vassilis Varvaresos.
As an active soloist, he performs many of Ysaye’s works.









私はこの素晴らしい作曲家に対し、心を込めて大きな声で言わせていただく。イザイは黄金期の頂点を象徴する存在だと!」 Noe Inui

Eugène Ysaye has left a great legacy in the history of violin and music. His 6 sonatas for violin solo a very often played worldwide and could be considered as a „new testament“ opposed to Bach’s 3 Sonatas and 3 Partitas which would stand for the „old testament“. The rest of his repertoire is a jewelery box which is underestimated. Both worldwars in Europe damaged in a large way the cultural life in many countries. Belgium being on the front row of the century’s worst wars, cultural events, especially concerts were a privilege only few could afford. Combined to difficult circumstances after WW2 Ysaye’s repertoire needed at least 2 decades to be represented again worlwide. On top the french music world and its supporters had always neglected their „germanised romantic“ compatriots. I think that Ysaye’s repertoire should be obligatory in all conservatorie’s programs for violinists. The variety of pieces and ressemblances to works from collegues as Franck, Lekeu or Chausson are bringing a wider aspect on the whole violin repertoire
he colorful and very innovative pieces from Ysaye’s repertoire for violin and piano and further formations are always a highlight in any program. Romanticism lightened with Impressionism. Ysaye represents a mile stone in the musical repertoire of the 20th century. For violinist the word ?mesiah“ would be certainly appropriated. People should be aware that uncovering Ysaye’s fantastic harmonic world equals the first emotions you had by discovering Paganini or Liszt. Singular in their ways, universal by their ability to unite and fascinate people. I warmly encourage a greater exposure to this wonderful composer who represents the peek of a golden age!
Noe Inui